Alan Longstreet

Born in Grand Rapids and raised in Coopersville, Michigan where I spent my winters sledding down the side of the county dump and summers perusing the wildly informative Farm Museum. A real gem, that town. My folks still live there today and I quite enjoy the trips home.

My college studies have taken me from Grand Rapids Community College to Central Michigan University with a short and unproductive stint to Florida in between. Unfortunately I can't bring you the typical meteorologist meets tornado love story, but I have become fascinated with the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

While I'm not working the green screen, you can find me working it in Studio C as my bosses parade me around in tight t's for a weekly fitness segment, Get Fit. 

I also have a dog who loves me very much and a wife that sometimes tolerates me.

Follow Alan on Twitter: @ALongstreetFox2

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