Anqunette Jamison

Anqunette Jamison is the news anchor on FOX 2 Morning News. She starts her on-air day at 4:30 a.m. bringing early risers up-to-date and staying on top of developing stories.

Anqunette helped launched FOX25 Morning News in Boston in 2003 and loved being part of the unpredictable format. She joined FOX25 from KVBC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada where she was weekend anchor and general assignment reporter. Prior to KVBC-TV, Jamison spent four years in "Notre Dame"country where she was a general assignment reporter at WNDU, the NBC affiliate in South Bend, Indiana. Her first job in broadcasting took her to the cornfields and farms of rural Indiana near West Lafayette. While there, she produced the early morning newscasts and reported on stories ranging from Purdue University football to local and state political issues.

Anqunette was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. She's a graduate of Butler University in Indianapolis with a degree in radio-television and journalism. She enjoys speaking at area schools about television reporting and anchoring. Anqunette is also a 'Big Sis' with the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.

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One on One with Anqunette Jamison

Favorite story I've covered: As a reporter in Las Vegas, I had the chance to go out with the bureau of land management to round up wild horses that were starving because of a severe drought. At about dawn, we went deep into the desert. All of the reporters and photographers had to hide behind tumble weeds and Joshua trees so the horses couldn't see us. A helicopter was used to steer the horses to an area where cowboys rounded them up. We watched a herd with about 8 mares and one stallion. The mares were all caught. But the stallion couldn't be cornered and trapped. So he galloped off, leaving behind a cloud of dust in the sunshine.

Favorite interview: I had the chance to interview Billy Bob Thornton and I was struck by just how cool he was. He was in Boston doing a circuit promoting a new movie. During a circuit, these stars usually have to talk to about a dozen reporters one on one, in several cities for weeks on end. It's a total grind for them but Billy Bob made it seem that we were just two people having a chat. He liked the color of my suit and then we started talking about how someone gave him an orange shirt that he didn't think he was going to like, but it grew on him. We just really hit it off and I walked away thinking he would be a great guy to have a drink with, but he doesn't drink anymore.

Favorite music: My tastes in music are all over the place. It alternates between jazz, hip hop and a little bit of rap. I usually play Diana Krall, Cyprus Hill, Cyrus Chestnut with Anita Baker, John Legend, 50 cent, Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Fall Out Boy and Disturbed just to name a few.

Favorite authors: Hal Urban, Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham, Toni Morrison.

Favorite food: Food! I just love all kinds of food. Chicago style deep dish pizza, Thai, fried shrimp from hole in the wall joints in my hometown of Gary, Indiana. But if I must pick a favorite, I'll go with Haagen-Dazs light Carmel cone ice cream. I've learned I cannot keep it in the house. A pint may last me two days. I love it so much I dream about it.

Favorite vacation place: Don't look to me for suggestions for some fancy place. I'm a simple girl. But when I visit friends in Vegas, I love to stay at "The Hotel" at Mandalay Bay. It's their tower of suites. They are fabulous!!!! And if you stay during the week, you can get a pretty good deal. I've run a marathon in Kona, Hawaii and I had a blast riding horses on the beach in the Dominican Republic. But my favorite vacation place is actually home in Indiana. I usually eat too much with my dad, sit around and gossip with my mom, and take my nephews to the beach on Lake Michigan followed by a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Simple pleasures are the biggest luxuries to me!

Favorite show on FOX: Family Guy

How did you get started in TV news? I got my first job in news the old fashioned way. I begged for it. I started in the tiny town of West Lafayette, Indiana. I made an appointment to see the news director and offered to come in for free for a few days to prove I could do the job. I got hired in two days, beating out about 300 people who applied. I came in at 3 a.m., wrote and edited the morning newscast, then reported for the 5 p.m. show. I worked like a dog and my mom couldn't understand why I went to a private college to write stories and make less money than she did as a janitor. Some things you just do out of love I guess!

Best advice you ever got? Comes from Hal Urban. "Choose to be happy." He's an author and motivational speaker. But a close second is "We make ourselves strong or we make ourselves miserable. The amount of work is the same."

What do you like to do away from the newsroom? I occasionally teach spinning at my local health club. I also walk my dog Cronkite about four miles a day. I'm not much of a movie person, but my television viewing habits revolve around my DVR. I love the shows intervention, the first 48 and confessions of a matchmaker. I also subscribe to about 20 magazines, including Newsweek, The Economist, and a lot of mind candy with pictures of pretty clothes. So a perfect afternoon for me includes sitting on the couch and flipping through the glossies.

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