Blog: Teenagers CAN change the world

By Alexa Doria & Adriana Doria

As teenagers, we are often told to stick up for what you believe in no matter what other people say, however, it is a lot easier said than done. We were reading some inspirational quotes the other day when we came across one that really hit home for us and relates to the idea of standing your ground. It said, “Standing up for what you believe in comes at a price but backing down exacts a toll that your soul never stops paying” by Lee Goldberg.

There have been plenty of times in our lives that we have been at a crossroad requiring a decision to either suspend our beliefs in fear of being judged and having our opinions relegated to the minority position or we could stand our ground and ignore all of our detractors who would try to knock us down. Fortunately, we have strong role models and a very supportive family in our lives that we know that no matter what happens, our family will back us in all of our endeavors. Unfortunately, not everyone can say they have this support system.

For that reason, we want to tell you why it is so important to stand up on your own two feet for what you believe in and help those who do not have the opportunity to do so for themselves.

We were in a situation once where we witnessed someone being bullied. Standing at this fearful crossroad, the two previously mentioned choices were immediately before us: We could help the person being bullied and risk losing our social standing from those who did not agree with our protective instincts for the victim or we could have stood by idly and watched the situation play out; letting a fear of ridicule result in our not taking action.

We mutually took the former choice because doing what was right and standing up for what we believe in was more important to us than anybody else’s opinion, ridicule or judgment. As the next generation of leaders, it is our job to have a voice, and to use it to change our world for the better. We believe that we must not follow the crowd if they are, figuratively, running off a cliff. We are supremely confident that if we forge a path of our own construction paved with beneficence and confidence, then sooner or later people will follow this example and the road to success is almost assured.

The idea of standing up for what you believe in is especially prevalent in reference to the upcoming election. In politics, it is the job of governmental officials as well as state and federal candidates for a diverse number of positions to voice their stance on various issues which almost certainly results in a societal hailstorm of either approval or disapproval.

In today’s world, many people are not too engaged in politics and will often not exercise their right to vote, simply based on a lack of information. However, if someone agrees with the candidate that their friends or family does not like, they may feel more inclined to discontinue their faith in that individual, moving to the side with the majority because they do not want to be judged for their opinions and potentially outcast. It is important to keep our lesson in mind when you are put in a situation like this because standing by your convictions when your opinion is grounded in common sense and intelligence is much better than swaying to the other side.

You will always have to make decisions in life that will affect you, but it is up to you to make informed decisions that are in concert with your beliefs and opinions. If you do not, you will always be looking back at what could have happened if you did not compromise your principles. Have a voice.  Be heard. Change the world!

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