Drive Distraction Free in the D contest kickoff

- Contest sponsored by The Sam Bernstein Law Firm

As we've seen in the news so many times, distractions behind the wheel can be dangerous. FOX 2 is excited to kick-off our Drive Distraction Free in the D campaign.

The campaign is designed to encourage young drivers not to drive distracted, so that we can keep our roads safe for all.

The number one cause of death for teens is car crashes, and 58 percent of those crashes are from distracted driving.

That is why, for the second year in a row, we're teaming up with the The Sam Bernstein Law Firm and the Michigan Secretary of State.

"In Michigan, the law is very simple. No one is allowed to text and drive. Period. It doesn't matter what age they are and if you're a teen driver, you're not allowed to even talk on the phone while you're driving. And this is to help save lives," says Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.

"Many people - maybe even the majority of people - are in some way distracted. Texting. Using the phone. In some way, they're not paying the attention to the road that's in front of them, and we know the impact this has on their ability to control their vehicle. We understand this is going to make the roads unsafe, and so we just want to do something about it," says Mark Bernstein from the Sam Bernstein Law Firm.

We are going to work to do something about it - and we thank the Sam Bernstein Law Firm for sponsoring this campaign.

Today, we are kicking off our Distraction Free in the D contest!

High school students take the pledge and write a short statement about driving distraction free in The D.

Students who enter could win a chance to appear in a FOX 2 public service announcement and a cash prize from the Bernstein Law Firm.

First prize is $2,000. 

You can enter right now at There, you will also find great resources for teen drivers from the Michigan Secretary of State. 

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