Michigan voters approve measure to add voting policies to state constitution


What is proposed to be added to the state constitution?

Michigan voters showed up Tuesday November 6th to vote but by 2020, they could be voting in a different manner entirely after voters approved a plan to add eight voting policies to the state constitution.
The measure passed with 68 percent percent of the vote with 53.4 percent of precincts reporting.
Proposal 3 will add the following new policies to the state constitution:
No-excuse absentee voting: Right now under Michigan law, voters that want to vote absentee need one of the following reasons, voter is: 1.) unable to vote without assistance at the polls 2.) in jail awaiting trial or arraignment 3.) expected to be out of town 4.) unable to go to polls for religious reasons 5.) appointed to work as an election inspector in a precinct outside of the inspector's home precinct 6.) you're 60 years of age or older. If Proposal 3 passed, voters wouldn't need a reason to vote absentee.
Secret ballot: The Michigan Constitution currently requires legislature to pass laws for secret ballots, but this measure would grant citizens the right to use them. A secret ballot allows citizens to vote in private, marking their vote on uniform ballots distributed by the government at polling locations. According to the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, 44 states have it in their constitution, six states have it in law, and three states conduct all elections by mail.
Straight-ticket voting: Under current law, straight-ticket voting is not permitted. Proposal 3 would allow for it, letting voters mark an option in the partisan section of the ballot and vote for all candidates for all positions affiliated with that party. CRC research states that if given the option, about one-third of voters use it. They say it reduces ballot roll-off, which is when voters get tired of making selections on a long ballot and stop after casting their votes for more high-profile postilions.
Automatic voter registration: Proposal 3 would allow automatic voter registration for anyone eligible when they conduct businesses with the state, like getting a driver's license or state ID card, unless that person doesn't want to be registered.
Register to vote in person deadline: While current law provides that you can register to vote in person until 30 days before election day, the proposal would allow a citizen to register to vote anytime, including at the polls, with proof of residency.
Register to vote by mail deadline: Similarly, someone can register to vote by mail up until 30 days before the election. Proposal 3 would cut that in half -- you'd be able to register by mail until 15 days before the election.
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