Lake Orion HS students give up phones and Cell Out for Soldiers

- This Friday, for one day kids at one of metro Detroit's biggest high schools will give up their cell phones. 

They disconnect so that our troops can stay connected. 

If service men and women can give up their phones for weeks and months at a time while they serve our country, we can do it for one day," says Lori Hogan, Lake Orion High School Leadership Advisor.

"Our soldiers sometimes go weeks and months without hearing from their loved ones, so for us to do that just for one day as an ode to them really does mean a lot to everyone here," says senior Jason Donoven. 

So here's how it works. As soon as the students arrive at school on Friday, they'll be asked to give up their phones. Those phones are then labeled, organized and protected throughout the day.
In years' past, about 85 percent of the more than 2,000 students have participated. Some, naturally, take a little more convincing.

"Sometimes you have to chase people down, sometimes they don’t want to do it. We can't force them to, but usually everybody does," says senior Jacob Meteer. 

They call it Cell Out for Soldiers, and Lake Orion High School is the only school in the country doing this.

It started four years ago with leadership advisor Lori Hogan and her leadership students. 

For every phone collected, the leadership students donate a dollar to the nonprofit Cell Phones for Soldiers. So far, they've raised $15,000. Cell Phones for Soldiers provides minutes and calling cards for soldiers to call home. 

And as much as teenagers love their phones, they also realize what this one-day means. 

"They're doing something really nice for people that serve our country," says senior Shreya Desai. 

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