Masked gun advocates in Dearborn pulled similar stunts in Oakland County

- The two men who walked into the Dearborn Police station with weapons and cameras to confront police did other stunts to prove similar points in Oakland County.

James Baker, 24, and Brandon Vreeland, 40, both walked into Dearborn Police Headquarters Sunday afternoon with ski masks, Kevlar vests, guns, and cameras. They were doing so to supposedly advocate for open carry laws with plans to file a complaint after a traffic stop.

Police say the two men had been spotted outside a business in ski masks and flack jackets. When a police officer pulled them over a short time later, they recorded that, too.

"We've broken no laws. You know this is an illegal detention at this point you better get your s*** straight," Vreeland said in the video.

Masked gun advocates arrested after bringing guns into Dearborn police station

When the officer told him that he could file a complaint, Vreeland said would do just that. Then the officer told him to have a wonderful day.

"Go f*** yourself, you too, d***weed," he responded.

The whole incident has many open carry advocates disgusted.

"He did not do what he did to promote anything related to open carry," Tom Lambert, President, Michigan Open Carry said. "What it was, was more of something - his own agenda. I think there are anti-police underlyings here"

Baker isn't even from Dearborn - he's from northern Oakland County where the sheriff says they're familiar with him and stunts like this.

"He likes to be very confrontational - he has shown up at our facility several times," Oakland County Under Sheriff Mike McCabe said.

His most recent video was shot on January 21st. With several cameras, he shot video of the dispatch center and the IT building. Officers asked him not to record the facilities but the men refused to talk to the deputies.

Under Sheriff McCabe says baker has also open carried outside the jail, at a restaurant in 2014, and at a middle school Christmas play in 2013.

"(He's) looking for confrontation. We don't have any problem with open carry," McCabe said. "But when you have an individual that's constantly looking for confrontation it is very concerning and what I saw happen down in Dearborn, that man's lucky quite frankly that he wasn't shot."

On Monday, Baker went on Facebook to thank everyone for supporting them in their "entrepreneurship of being professional independent police auditors" and complain about his treatment. Both he and Vreeland are facing three misdemeanor charges in Dearborn.

Police confiscated their cameras, vests, masks and multiple guns.

McCabe says they've notified their deputes to be on alert.

"Be aware that this person and other people like him are out there and they're looking for a confrontation," he said.

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