Weight Loss Winners: Alex's weight loss journey

He's strong, unstoppable and successful. But go back in time and you'll find a shy little boy who fought obesity his entire childhood. 

"I think it had to do with me being a very introverted and shy kid when I was younger," Alex McBrairty said. "So i turned to food for a lot of things. It was comforting for me in those situations to bury my face in a plate of food."

For as long as he can remember, Alex struggled with weight. 

In fourth grade the pediatrician is routinely recording his weight and height on a chart, for Alex that moment turns into a lifelong bad memory.   

"My weight was so high, it was in the height chart and that was eye opening," he said. "(I thought) 'Holy cow my weight is not even on the weight chart.'"

In middle school he's labeled obese. His parents send him to a diet and exercise specialist. but Alex continues to find comfort only in food.

 "My friends were going out," he said. "I was staying home playing video games and eating because I loved food."

 Alex reaches his highest weight in high school, 265 pounds. He sees himself as an obese teen, without a bright future until something changes his entire perspective- or someone. A girlfriend. 

"I wanted to be the boyfriend that she would be proud to show off to all of her friends," he said.

And it starts with one step. At the end of his junior year, Alex simply starts walking, while trying to run. 

"The first day I tried to run and I barely made it to the end of my street," he said.

Everyday he tried to make it a little further. 

He eventually starts using a long ignored gym membership, seeing his body change motivates him. His senior year, Alex even halts his fast food habit. 

"My normal after-school snack at McDonald's drive-thru would be two double cheeseburgers and two snack wraps," Alex said. "That was my normal after-school snack." 

After losing 90 pounds in 15 months, Alex finishes high school looking and feeling like a different person. and is suddenly driven. 

He graduates from the University of Michigan with honors,  then decides to share his passion for health, launching his own personal training business A-Team Fitness. 

"Basically I'm helping people who were like me," he said.

"He understands what were going through and I think that's what motivates us," Yuri Ikeda said.

Alex now lives off boiled chicken, vegetables - cooking up  healthy stir frys.

"I definitely make sure food isn't the highlight of my day," he said.

 He considers food as fuel for his body. 

Now at 23, this Alex would tell that younger Alex that he can change your life and body, it just takes work every day. 

"Eating healthy foods and being active has to be a permanent part of your life," Alex said.

For more information about Alex's A-Team Fit, CLICK HERE. 

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