Let It Rip: The Open Carry debate in schools; the 'Fight for 15'

Part 1: The Open Carry debate

In Ann Arbor, the public school system is taking a major stand against guns. Just after midnight  the board voted to ban firearms in all school buildings.

The rule targets people like Joshua Wade who openly carried a handgun to a choir concert last month, prompting some parents to call police. 

But josh says this fight isn't over, he's ready to fire back at those  who think guns have no place in schools.

Our panel:

Joshua Wade, 2nd Amendment advocate who started the uproar over guns in public schools.

State Rep. Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) a parent of students in Ann Arbor schools.

Rick Ector, a self-defense expert and shooting expert. 

Part 2: The 'Fight for 15'

The "Fight for $15 an hour is catching on across the country.

Our panel:

Rev. David Bullock, star of the reality show "Preachers of Detroit."

Ryan Holdan, founder and president of Paymaster, handling payroll for many fast food restaurants.

Professor Mike Bernacchi from University of Detroit Mercy. 

But will raising the minimum wage that high  do more harm than good for workers?

Part 3: On the Road: Spreading the wealth

What do you think of the "Fight for 15?"

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