Skubick: Did legislators 'punt' passing a road fix package?

It was shades of Bill Clinton who once labored over what the definition of is, is.

Former Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville resurfaced the other day and had his problems with the meaning of the word "punt."

Seems the ex-legislator took umbrage to media coverage that the beloved state legislature recently punted on passing a road fix package. In that rather than pass their own solution, they passed it along to the electorate.

"It was not a punt," he tried in vain to correct the record. 

Since lawmakers put a sales tax increase on the ballot for the voters to decide on May 5th, he argues legislators did do something, so how could it be a punt?

Well the anti-taxers are jumping all over the former legislature for not coming up with their own solution instead of dumping a tax increase on the voters. They call it a punt, Dandy Randy not withstanding.

While they haggle over that, the following exchange with Attorney General Bill Schuette appears to be a classic example of a punt.

The politically savvy Mr. Schuette was set to move onto the house floor to work the room with all the returning lawmakers last week when he was delayed by a series of questions on that proposed sales tax hike.

How will you vote?

"I'm reviewing that," he deflected the question.

How are you going to vote?

"I'm going to review it like everybody else," the two step continued.

Mr. Schuette, it's not a new issue.

"It's recently off the press. I'm reviewing it like a lot of serious and steady people are doing," the dodge continued.

Do you want to vote for a tax increase?

"I'm going to review it thoroughly and then we'll have a conversation."

Apparently you're not going to answer the question?

"Not today but maybe tomorrow," as he is now laughing without answering the question.

Perhaps instead of running for governor, the slippery Mr. Schuette ought to don a Hawaiian blue jersey and join the Lions in the backfield?
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