Skubick: Mitt Romney, the political chameleon

Mitt. You're gone and we hardly knew you. Well, actually voters did and that was part of the reason he is not running for president again.

Mitt Romney's decision to bail out of the presidential sweepstakes is really no surprise given the fact that he was O for two and it was unlikely the "third time is a charm" thing was going to work this time either.

Had he gotten in, the story line from the get go would have been, which Mitt Romney is running this time?

Reams have been written in the past about how Governor Mitt Romney ran Massachusetts as a moderate kind of guy with a great track record of working with Ds and Rs and actually instituted some major programs including his health care program which became the template for Obamacare.

The far-right could never forgive him for that, but that was the least of his problems.

What haunted him was when he, like a political chameleon, started to change colors as he re-invented himself in order to win the GOP nomination for president.

By the time the other conservatives in the race last time were finished, they had dragged the moderate Mr. Romney so far to the right that not even his own Daddy, former Michigan Governor George, would have recognized him.

If he got in this time, would he have returned to those moderate roots where general elections are won but he never would have grabbed the GOP nomination in a primary were moderation is a four letter word?

It underscores a point that U.S. Senator Carl Levin made as he was preparing to put a ribbon on his 36 tears in the U.S. Senate.

Asked how a very liberal politician continued to win in a state that is not that liberal, he nailed it: Be yourself. 

He reflected that lots of folks told him, "We don't agree with anything you are doing, but if you are who you say you are, you do not change positions on a whim and you do what you say you will do.

It worked for Mr. Levin but now we will never know if it might have worked for M.R?

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