Skubick: Slicing the tax rate before the vote in May?

Former quarterback Jack Brandenburg cuts a wide path as he roams around the state capitol. The towering Mr. B. is now a state senator and he's not the kind of guy you want to push around 'cause he will push back.

However since 2007, the Macomb County Republicans has been placed on hold regarding his much-beloved rollback of the state income tax.

Eight years later he is still waiting and his patience is wearing thin, yet he faces another delay.

House GOP Speaker Kevin Cotter has heard all the chatter about finally reducing the tax rate from 4.25% to 3.9% as promised during the Granholm administration.

Mr. Cotter believes it would be prudent to put all that on hold until the voters decide whether to increase the state sales tax. That's in May.

Problem is, the senator doesn't want to wait five months saying, "I don't see any value in waiting."

On two previous occasions, the senator played Mr. Nice Guy and agreed to postpone the reduction but when the new legislature convenes this week, he'll have a bill to do it now, not later.

"I don't put things off. I really think this needs to be done and done now."

Yeah, but what about the Speaker who argues, let's wait?

"What the guy does in his house is his business. Now if he doesn't want to move, there's nothing much I can do about it (but) let's stop playing games."

The conservative lawmaker figures the citizens were promised a rollback and they "are owed that," he concludes.

But he's got another challenge. The governor is not talking about delaying the vote; he's making noises there should not even be a vote regardless of the timing.

Asked the other day if legislative folks should not get excited about a tax rate slice, the governor noted, "I wouldn't put that first on the list that's going to be feasible." And just to make sure his stance is clear he also said, doing so would be "very difficult."

None of this, of course, will deter the former jock who has had his run ins with fellow Republicans before and looks like in the new year, here he goes again.
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