4 things to consider if you're thinking about divorce

- Valentine's Day isn't a romantic day for everyone. For some, this is a very painful time of the year as they are planning or going through a divorce.

Sabrina Cronin is an attorney who specializes in family law at Cronin Law Firm. She joins us on The Nine to go over some things to know and consider if you are thinking about getting divorced. You can watch her advice in the video player above, or read some it below.

Things you should consider/know if you are thinking about getting divorced

1. Make sure this is really what you want to do. 

Ask yourself if you explored every option: counseling, communicated with your spouse, talked to your family members and or friends for advice and support, met with religious leaders, etc.

When you have children you really want to exhaust these options first. We really need to look at ourselves and improve relationships. If divorce is the only option can you be amicable with your soon to be ex? Of course if you have been battered, abused or dealing with and an alcoholic or a substance abuse issue that may just not be possible.

2. Things a women needs to do before filing, if possible

Start pooling your financial resources. Hiring an attorney costs money.
Look for a job. Most women will not be able afford being a stay-at-home mom.
Save money.
See as therapist if you do not have family or friends count on.
Find an alternative place to live.
Remember safety is paramount!

3. Remember that divorce is hard on kids.

They will always blame themselves. Ideally, you want to make this process as amicable as possible for the betterment of the kids and family. Please do not communicate thru them.

4.   Reach out to your children's school (s) and doctors so they also know what is going on.

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