A lesson in beer from Ale Mary's Beer Hall

- Chelsea Pinner from Ale Mary's Beer Hall is here along with Liz Crowe from Fermenta joined us in studio to give us a lesson in beer. You can hear from them in the video player above.

Below are some of the more popular groups of beers Ale Mary's has been exploring this summer:

Sour beers are have been around for a while but have picking up a lot steam this summer. This a great transition for anyone to get introduced to the beer world. They come in all different styles, from ones that will make you pucker to more mild sour flavors! Cocktails can be made with a few Gose beers, which have salt added to them making them great margarita! If you're not familiar with the taste of beer, this can be a great way to become familiar with the taste, while not committing to a full beer.

From coffee stouts to peanut butter stouts this a great option. People think of stouts as a "man's drink," but actually, the wide range in flavors is a great option to get someone new into beer!

Lagers and Pilsner
A nice easy crisp option, especially for the summer. Pilsner with added hops is a new take on the traditional Pilsner that is gaining more popularity. Some lagers now add a bit of agave for some sweetness, which is more attractive for a broader audience.

Fruit beer and cider
This is an easy option for anyone who is just trying beer. Some are not overly sweet, but the fruit presence is still there with a nice Ale backbone. Mixing a fruit beer with a nice chocolate stouts can quickly become your new favorite thing to do! It will also get you familiar with two different styles of beer: fruit beer, and cider.

Most lambics have a sour backbone from the wild yeast that it is made with. Some however, use champagne yeast as well, which gives it a nice effervescent quality. It's a great switch for a wine drinker trying to explore new things.

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