Easy, glam holiday appetizer ideas from Chef Kelli

- Keep things simple for your next bash! Chef Kelli shared some appetizer ideas with us that give a twist to simple ingredients. 

For more information on Chef Kelli, visit www.twounique.com or www.purefood2u.com.

Italian Sausage Forks: 1- or-so- inch pieces of cooked sausage, top with a small square of grilled bell pepper. Take sautéed onion and twist on cute petit wood appetizer fork and pierce center of sausage with pepper on top. 

Salmon Cumber Rounds: Take a ½ inch slice of cucumber, and top it with a dollop of salmon-flavored cream cheese in the center. Then, place a small piece of smoked salmon on top, secure with a petit plastic or wood appetizer fork.

Torched Apple Crostinis: Place small slice of brie and a little smear of fig jam on toasted bread round, and top with touched piece of thin apple cut to appropriate size of the bread.
(touched apple=thin slice of apple cut with biscuit cutters to size, dip slice apple into sugar and then lightly sauté in small nonstick pan or use a torch to caramelize)

Holiday Crostini: Sauté brussel sprout salad in some olive oil, just to take the raw edge off. Don't cook to mush. Mix with a sprinkle of cider vinegar, dried cherries and fine diced bacon. Smear crostini with seasoned squash or pumpkin puree (the canned is great) top with mixture.

Tinny Tiny Stuffed Potatoes: Select marble potatoes and roast until cooked but firm (roast a few extra to make stuffing) cut a little piece of the bottom to steady the potato to stand and then trim the top, take out a little smidge of potato with an expresso size spoon making a small indent.  Scoop extra potatoes and mix with whatever you might like; goat cheese, fine chopped bacon, chives, sea salt pepper and sour cream.

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