Veggie enchiladas from Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen

This recipe comes courtesy of Marisa Garcia and her son Bobby Garcia. 
1. Dry Ancho Pepper
2. All Purpose Flour
3. Corn Oil
4. Caldo de Pollo
5. vegetable medley
6. Munster cheese
&. Corn tortilla's
Instructions for Recipe:
1. Heat up dry ancho pepper in hot corn oil until soft
2. Place ancho in water for 10-15 minutes
3. Puree ancho pepper and water mix until liquefied 
4. In a separate pan heat corn oil and add all purpose flour
5. Wisk the flour and oil until it turns into a rue
6. Once the rue is formed add the pureed ancho water mix
7. Add caldo de pollo and let simmer up to 30 minutes (continue to stir)
8. In a skillet add oil & heat, add vegetable medley & stir fry 
9.  In a separate skillet add oil, heat, lightly fry corn tortillas
10.  Tank corn tortilla stuff with vegetables, brush on top enchilada sauce      on top. Top with Munster cheese, microwave until cheese on top melts or bake in oven for 375 for 10 minutes.
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