How to install a lighted switch

- Jeff Lee of Mechanical Heating and Cooling demonstrates how to change out an old light switch with a much cooler 'lighted switch' to make it easier to find it in the middle of the night.

First he removes the switch cover  to reveal the wiring that you need to access and if you watched our last segment, you'll be familiar with the voltage tester we're going to use to make sure we turn off all power going thru these wires.

Once the power is completely off, we can pull the switch out and remove the wires.

First though, compare it with your new switch to make sure you got the right kind, with the same amount of wire terminals. Mark down on paper which ones goes to which terminal on your switch or it will operate kinda upside down, if you know what I mean.

Normally, you'll have three wires. The power, the neutral and then the bare copper wire which is the ground wire.  The switch we're replacing it with is exactly the same, except inside the switch, the manufacturer made it so that when the power to the light is in the off position, a little millivolt of power still runs thru the switch enough to power the little light that makes it glow in the dark. Other than that, re-attaching the wiring and everything else is exactly the same. Just make sure and get the wires nice and tight when you re-attached them to the new switch.

Now for the big test… the light works when we turn it on and  when we turn it off, walaa! We can now easily find it in the dark.  Working with electricity can be very dangerous, so if you aren't comfortable and very careful tackling a project like this, call an expert.

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