Living the Life: Is technology helping or hurting our relationships?

- We've all seen those clips of people bumping into things, even falling over because they're looking at their phones instead of what's in front of them. So many of us can't put down the phone. We're trying to stay connected 24/7,  but is it actually hurting our personal relationships?

Clinical psychologist Dr. Carol Van Dyke joins us for this episode of Living the Life to weigh in on the conversation. You can hear her thoughts in the video player above.

Researchers say you can also ask yourself these four questions to see if you're addicted to your phone:

1. Do you panic when you've misplaced your phone?
2. Are you on your phone in social situations or in the presence of family?
3. Do you carry your smart phone everywhere, even the bathroom?
4. Do you fall asleep and wake up looking at your phone? 

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