Decorating Your Home for Valentine's Day

Chocolates, candies and other gifts are a great way to show someone how much you care this Valentine's Day. But what decorations can you add to get the right ambiance to celebrate your love?
Kevin Miller, owner of Twigs & Branches Floral, visited Fox2 Saturday morning to show off some lovable -- and easy to do -- displays that could enhance anyone's holiday experience.
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Valentines Table Decor
Here are some quick easy ways to transform your table whether
your hosting a party or having a romantic dinner for two!
Hearts Place setting
-Take a napkin color of your choice and fold in a heart shape.
-We added a silver charger.
-Take playing cards and hole punch in the top to corners and
feed ribbon through them to create a chain. Take scrape or
small pieces of different ribbon between each card to divide
them and make knots to keep the cards from shifting.
Creative Candle Ideas
Simple Candle Arrangement
-Take different size glass cylinders and fill with water. Add
red floating candles and ribbons tied on the cylinders for color
Chair Decor
-Take a poka dot chair sash and tie it around the chiavari or
your dinning room table chair to one side. Grab some styrofoam
hearts and spray paint them in various shades or pinks and reds.
Add ribbons to hang from the corner of the chair. This is a
cute way to dress up your chairs!
Valentine Love Letter Place Setting
-Grab a white napkin and fold into a envelope style. You can
stick a message or tag with their name for guest setting.
-Add a red charger and some ribbons and your good to go!
Valentine Oversized Hearts
-Grab styrofoam sheets and cut them out into large hearts.
-Hot glue silk red petals to cover the heart and you can place
these at your entry or in your dinning room, pretty much
Funky Centerpiece
-We used one of our mirrored containers (you can use any long
-Filled it with floral oasis.
-I decided on using no traditional flowers mostly with white
hydrangea, red tulips, pussy willow, and a few red roses. I
filled the container with hydrangea first and added the other
flowers after.

Package Goodies and Crafts
Check out some fun ways to package your homemade goods and
crafts. Simple ways to make a lasting impression on a gift made
with love. Great for kids and adults!
Brown paper packaging
-Using brown packaging paper to wrap gifts or goodies is a
inexpensive way! Add some lace or twine around the package.
Cut out hearts from construction paper in a row. One on top of
the other. Take the hearts and hole punch them. String them on
the twine you added to the package and knot each one so they
done slide.
-You can use the strip of cut out hearts and wrap them around
the box if it long enough. Take red yarn and weave it between
the cut out hearts to make a red strip down the middle.
-Take silk white petals and hot glue them in a row all the way
around the package making a band. Take twine and wrapped around
and tie in a knot on the bottom. You can take the left over
petals and and hot glue on top to make in a shape of a heart.
Add a tag and your good to go!
Red Hearts Wrapping
-Grab red wrapping paper from your local dollar store. Wrap
your gift and you can add any white ribbon or cut outs.
-I added XOXO on top of the package and took a white rope and
wrapped it around and just double knotted it at the top.
-You can wrap lace around it. Over that take some thin white
satin ribbon and tie it in a knot at the top. Take a white
styrofoam heart and tie the white ribbon to the top of the
package with a bow.
Goodies Gift Wrapping Ideas
-Grab some white organza bags and fill with your goodies.
Wrapped any colorful ribbon around. Take some felt squares and
cut out hearts. You can hole punch these so the ribbon can be
pulled through and knotted. Make a bow and tie the hearts on and
your good to go!
-Take whatever size mason jar your have or need. Cut out pink
felt with the outside rim lid on but not closed. Trim off the
excess felt and turn the lid so its tied (after goodies are
added). Add some mixed color ribbons in a bow and your done!
-Get some clear boxes and fill with your goodies (cookies for
our example). Tie mixed ribbons around the box and add a heart
shaped cookie cutter to the ribbon as part of the gift.
-Check out your dollar store for cute small bags for gifts and
goodies. Add some color tissue paper that will pop and take a
few mixed ribbons and tie a bow on the side. Cut out some
hearts from construction paper large enough to write the name of
the person your gifting too.
Kids V-Day Crafting
-Take a styrofoam wreath and wrap it in wide red ribbon to cover
easy. Hot glue white styrofoam hearts in two different sizes
that you can find at your local craft store. Grab a deck of
cards and take out any that you would like. Hot glue them in
clusters around the wreath and hearts.
-Take a deck of cards and hole punch them in the top corners of
each card. I would do as many as your need for the length of
your garland. Use a thin red satin ribbon and pull through the
hole of the cards and space our the cards about 4inches apart.
Take scrap ribbon you have laying around in Valentines day
colors or buy some new and cut them at 5inch strands. Take the
small pieces of color ribbons and tie them in a knot between the
cards to hold them in place. Once that is done you can hang
them on a fireplace or wall!
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