Holiday Decor Tips

These decor tips are courtesy of Kevin Miller of Twigs and Branches Floral:

Holiday Wrapping and Decor
Nothing like decorating for the holidays! Check out some
elegant and creative ways to spruce up your wrapped gifts. Easy
and fun! Few creative ways to display simple items around the
house to add that extra flair.

-Tin bucket of any size that fits your needs.
-Cut a block of designer oasis to fit the container and
submerged in water until fully watered.
-You can cut your own greens from outside or go to a local
grocery store or nursery where you can buy them.
-We used mixed greens of cedar, pine, and other holiday greens.
Fill the container until you can not see the oasis and add silk
berries, ribbon, holiday bulbs for a perfect centerpiece.

Extra Decor
-Wire basket full of scented pine cones.

Place Setting
-Glass charger of your choice (you can also use acrylic)
-Napkin of your choice
-You can add ribbon, twine, fresh green, berries, tie them to
the napkin for a perfect detail)

Gift Wrapping
Rustic Look
-Brown packaging paper
-For ribbon you can use burlap, twine, lace, rope. Any natural
elements that give that rustic feel.
-Fresh holiday greens to add a scent and special touch as well
as cinnamon sticks

Metallic Style
-Wrapping paper in ivories and gold
-Ribbons in few different sizes to create interest and style in
colors of black, ivory, shades of gold
-Take a few feathers and spray paint them in any color to
coordinate with the package your wrapping. I covered half on
the feather on some so you were able to see a two toned feather
for something different.
-You can add silk flowers, holiday bulbs, metallic name tags to
the ribbons once tied in a bow.

Book Look
-This is perfect for smaller gifts
-Take an old and unused book and tear out the pages.
-Wrap your package with the book pages.
-Add a ribbon color of your choice and some fresh greens and you
have a creative clean look.

Funky and Fun Holiday Style
Fun ways to take the traditional style of wrapping presents and
decorating your house by giving them a little twist. Using fun
bright colorful ideas to put a smile on your face!

Fun Holiday Tree
-Cut some branches and spray paint them white and either stick
them in a pot of dirt or styrofoam and make sure the container
is white as well.
-Pick up some fun colored ornaments with coordinating ribbon in
various sizes.
-Wire the ornaments to the ribbon and hang the ornaments from
the tree at different lengths.
-Take white batting and cover the dirt or styrofoam in the pot.

Creative Candle Ideas
Simple Candle Arrangement
-Find a large glass cylinder.
-Add ribbons of different sizes and colors. Wrap them in a
oversized bow on the glass cylinder.
-Take some fake snow and add it into the container. Add a white
candle on the inside. You can also add coordinating ornaments in
the snow to add another touch.

Peppermint Mason Jars
-Grab three mason jars in various sizes.
-Take 2 candy canes and put them in a back so you smash them on
the table to make pieces of the candy cane.
-Add fake snow inside the mason jars about 1/4 full.
-Use your crushed candy canes and put inside
-Add silk or fresh red berries with a candle in the middle.

Birch Slices
-Find a birch branch about 3 inches thick.
-Cut the birch into 1/2 slices.
-Grab some fun holiday inspired stencils.
-Buy some fun colored spray paint.
-Lay the stencil on the birch slice where is was cut. Spray
paint the birch slice and then pull up the stencil.
Funky Holiday Wreath
-Take a 14" styrofoam wreath and wrap feather boas around them
in any color. Hot glue the ends so they don't come off the
-Add fun colored ornaments and hot glue them to the wreath.

Fun Holiday Wrapping
Jewel Tone
-Get some all white wrapping paper and wrap all your gifts
-Add fun color ribbons to pop color on the packages. You can
add wire mess ribbon as well for something different.
-Take some ornaments, feathers, silk decorative finds and hot
glue the to the package where the bow is.
Peppermint Wrap
-Take some all white wrapping paper and wrap the gifts.
-Purchase some red yarn to wrap around the packages. You can
wrap the red yarn in various ways to make them all different.
Some with bows, wrapping the yarn in different directions.
-Wire small vintage light bulbs to the bow or spot you would
like on the package.

-Add red and white candy canes which not only make a cute
embellishment but a perfect kids gift.

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