Home Decorating Tips for Easter

Transform your kitchen or dining room table into a festive Easter experience with these easy-to-do decorating tips from Kevin Miller, owner of Twigs & Branches Floral in Shelby Township.

Rustic Wood Box Centerpiece with Floral

-Grab an old crate, wood box, or any cool container. Fill it with floral oasis. You canuse any fresh flowers like daffodils or tulips like we did. I clustered them every so often down the container.

-Take preserved moss and fill in around the flowers. You can add colored eggs like we did or any spring element to bring in some color!

Baby's Breath Garland
-Depending on the length you need 1 bunch of baby's breath with 10 stems should
get you about 3 feet of garland. Cut the baby's breath in pieces of 3 inches long. Take
floral wire and start at one end of the stem and wrap the wire around two small
pieces you cut. As you go down the stem add another piece and repeat those steps
to make the garland. At the end take 2-3 pieces left over and lay them the
opposite way to finish off the garland and wrapped the wire around it.
Tin Buckets with Spring Flowers
-I used 3-4" wide tin buckets and added a 4" pot of spring flowers in. Take Spanish
Moss and cover the dirt to finish off the look. They are perfect going down the
middle of the table.
White Vases with Spring Flair
-Use white porcelain vases.
-Fill them with Spanish Moss.
-Add light-colored Easter eggs you can either dye yourself or purchase from
a local craft store.
Moss Topiary
-You will need a 4" clay pot with saucer. You can find this at any local craft or
home and garden store.
-Take a floral oasis and put it inside.
-Cut a 1/4" dole rod at a length of 8".
-Spray paint the dole rode brown (you can leave it natural or paint any color).
- Take a 5" Styrofoam oasis ball and covered it moss with a hot
glue gun and hot glue dole rod into the oasis inside of the clay pot. Hot glue the
moss covered ball to the top of the dole but push the ball down on the dole rod to
secure it.
-Cover the base in moss and add little decorate eggs or spring decor.
-Take scrap ribbon you have laying around in Valentines day colors or buy some new
and cut them at 5" strands. Take the small pieces of color ribbons and tie them
in a knot between the cards to hold them in place. Once that is done you can hang
them on a fireplace or wall.
Basket Full of Eggs
-Take a a gray wicker basket I had around the house. Filled it with Spanish moss
and found some wicker shaped eggs and filled the basket. Super simple but perfect
for an entry or next to a fire place.
Potted Spring Flowers
-Grab a 4" clay pot with a saucer. Use any 4" spring flower, tulips, daffodils, etc. I
would line three up on the table and your good to go! Quick and easy way to bring
color to the table.
Table Runner
-Burlap runner
-Artificial turf cut the width and length to best match your table
-Green Moss clustered together

Custom Easter Baskets

Green Leaf Basket
-You can use silk leaves or fresh Salal leaves. All you need is an inexpensive basket,
glue gun, and leaves.
-Pull the silk or fresh leaves off the branches and put them in
a pile.
-Take each leaf and glue to the basket it starting from the top. I added
some cute sticky letters that say "Easter" on the handle of the basket. You could
put the persons name or anything, and add your Easter grass and fill with goodies.
Tin Easter Bucket
-You can use any size bucket depending on how much your going to fill it with
goodies. I drilled two holes on opposite sides of the bucket about an inch under the
top of the bucket with a 1/4" bit. I grabbed some 1" double satin ribbon and
looped it through the hole and knotted on the inside and repeated that on the
other hole to create a handle. I added some burlap flowers on side with some
hanging hangings for an added touch.
Flopping Bow Basket
-I was able to find a medium size pastel basket perfect for my design. I used 2"
wide double satin ribbon and tied a huge floppy bow to the top of the basket. I
found these cute little wood cut outs of ducks and you can use anything. They
actually had ducks painted on one side but I liked the back side that was just
yellow and simple. So I glued the cut outs onto the basket in different sizes. Fill
your basket with Easter grass and time to fill!
Rustic No Traditional Basket
-The container I used was from a wholesaler but you can use any cool metal
container you may find. I filled it with neutral Easter grass. I wrapped some simple
raffia around the container and tied in a big bow. Take a chalk board tag and tie it
one with some twine and you have the ultimate rustic Easter basket!
Moss Purse
-You can find this moss purse at craft stores or your local nursery usually. Perfect
for a little girl. I just added some white tissue paper and than some light pink felt
to layer the colors. I had all of this at my house so I didn't have to buy anything.
I also found these cute little eggs with sticks from the dollar store and stuck them
in the purse. 
Colorful Wicker Basket
-I found these inexpensive wicker baskets at the craft store. Filled them with some
cute colorful tissue paper to pop off the color of the basket. I had these mini
clothes pins that I hot glued to the basket and I had some left over Salal leaves
from the Green leaf basket project. I clipped the Salal leaf on and you can use a
white pen or marker to write the name of the person receiving the gift!
Easter Mason Jar
-Quick, simple, and cute for the kids! I took the mason jar lid off and hot glued
the tip piece of the lid to the rim. I took a plastic egg and hot glued that to the
top of the mason jar. I spray painted the egg and lid a light blue (not the glass
container). Add some green Easter grass to the container and you can fill it with
eggs or a chocolate bunny.

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