A bedroom boost without pills - the female Viagra diet

There's a new pill to boost the female libido, but if want a more natural route how about foods that will spice up your life?

We've got the female Viagra diet in Health Works.

Since the 1930s Popeye has fueled his muscles with spinach. We now know, spinach is good for something else - romance.

According to Yahoo Health, the green super food is filled with magnesium which boosts blood flow.

Next on the menu, green tea. The catechins in this hot drink will heat things up in the bedroom, by getting the blood to flow more freely.

If you prefer red wine to green tea, go ahead.

One glass will trigger nitric oxide production, which keeps the blood moving.

Yahoo Health says Starbucks is the top spot for a first date. In studies, coffee seems to make both sexes more eager for intimacy.

If all else fails, dark chocolate might be the go to sexy food. The flavonoids reduce stress and relax blood vessels. Just remember a little goes a long way.

Another factor to keep in mind, exercise is all considered a great libido booster. It releases stress and helps you make feel good hormones.

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