Even a little weight loss makes big difference for knee pain

In Health Works, whether you're going for a walk, a run, taking on a 5 k or just going for a nice neighborhood stroll, if you have knee pain - it can make it challenging. 

Even a little weight loss can make a huge difference.

 If you are carrying around extra weight - what's that doing to your knees?  Beaumont orthopedic surgeon Jeffrey Devitt does the math for us. 

"For instance with running when you come down on your leg that hits the ground,"Devitt said, "Your body weight is four or five times amplified at surface. So if you add a hundred pounds it's more like 500 pounds breaks it down over time." 

 It's a tough cycle, the more you weigh, the less likely you are to  move and the less you move, the weaker your muscles. 

"The risk of developing arthritis or needing a knee replacement goes up considerably if you're overweight and it goes up incrementally depending how much you are overweight. 

"People in the top few percentage of weight have up to seven times higher risk of developing arthritis." 

What's the solution? If you can lose even a little weight it will likely reduce your knee pain.

Really paying attention to your food choices and go for walk if your body can do it. 

Dr, James Ricos, a Beaumont orthopedic surgeon, said there are things to watch out for.

"Shoe wear, got to make sure your shoes are up to date, you don't want to use old shoes," Ricos said. 

The doctor says make sure you're measuring your foot before buying new shoes, but most of us don't need to go to a very expensive specialty store - to get shoes that fit well. 

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