Healthworks: 21 Day Challenge

In Healthworks, we are weighing in here at Fox 2. We are learning our numbers, as painful as that might be for some of us. Here's the goal, it's a 21 Day Challenge, it starts Monday, five do's, five don'ts, maybe lose five pounds. We got all kinds of familiar faces up here including this guy, Charlie Langton. How do the numbers look, you don't have to share it, but ... 

"Disaster, I'm doomed, no I'm the picture of health. Everything, the weight, the body mass is okay, but my blood pressure, the doctor said 'Oh, my gosh!' and she gave me a couple of tips that I should watch the blood pressure," said Fox 2's Charlie Langton.

That's shocking that you have high blood pressure.

"I think they're wrong and I'm going to work on this," said Langton.    

I hope that you're on "Team Deena" for this, because it's going to be a little competition, so we'll talk more about that later. 

Langton said, "We're going to win."

Thanks Charlie. Let's talk to Dr. Sindhu Koshy about the three steps, so it's three easy things and it begins with knowing your numbers. So, doctor what is the most important number for people to learn? 

"I think the most important number is probably blood pressure. It gives you an overall health marker and so that's probably the thing you want to ask your doctor to give you the number," said Dr. Sindhu Koshy, a St. John Providence Cardiologist.

Alright, know that number. Also, get on the scale even if you don't want to, right?

"Yes, absolutely get on the scale. It tells us a lot about your health as well, as for you to know what your number is," said Dr. Koshy.   

The second step is getting in more activity and what we're saying is walk 10,000 steps a day. You can buy a cheap pedometer, or you can buy a more expensive one. Is that enough activity to make a difference? 

"Absolutely, just walking alone makes big changes in both your blood pressure, overall cardiac health and weight loss," said Dr. Koshy.

Alright so that's good, we just have to walk. On our do's and don'ts when it comes to what we eat, what's the most important "do?"

Dr. Koshy said, "The most important "do" would probably be include more greens and fiber in your diet. If you're going to stop one thing, the number one thing would be take out soda. Soda has got a lot of sugar in it, added sugar, so it'll help to increase weight, so we want to try and decrease the weight, take out the sugar, take out the snacking."

Empty calories, I'm feeling motivated, thanks doctor. 
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