Making love is good for your heart - in more ways than one

Maybe it's a movie that will put you in the mood, whatever it takes to get the juices flowing, Dr. Holly Thacker of the Cleveland Clinic woman's health expert says do it. 

Studies show sex is good for your cardiovascular system. 

"Sexual activity, for most people, takes about the amount of energy and strength that it would be to walk up a flight of stairs," Thacker said.

Here's the science-  a 2010 study published in the American Journal of Cardiology found that men who had sex at least twice a week were less likely to develop heart disease compared to men who only had sex once a month.

Sex may also help you sleep, especially men.

Scientists think it's because there is a part of the brain that winds down after sex, releasing calming chemicals and causes many muscle groups to relax, too.

Your immune system may get a boost each time you have sex too.

A study done at Wilkes-Barre University found people who had sex once or twice a week had more cold-fighting components in their saliva.

Sex may also strengthen a woman's pelvic floor.

And "not tonight, I have a headache," is no longer an excuse. Dr. Thacker says sex can also be a good headache medicine.

"With sexual activity and climax there is a release of endorphins which are natural painkillers," Thacker said. "Many people note less migraine headaches, a feeling of relaxation, and peace and contentment."

A 2013 study done in Germany found 60 percent of migraine patients and 30 percent of cluster-headache sufferers who had sex during a headache episode reported partial or total relief.
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