'Melanoma Monday' is reminder to check our skin

You may have sunspots, but could they be something more? 

We'll show you what a skin screening should look like, and why "Melanoma Monday" is the day to take a closer look at your skin. 

But why are so afraid of melanoma? Dr. Steve Grekin, a dermatologist, stopped by FOX 2 to talk about it.

"It is the deadliest form of skin cancer," Grekin said. "It is those little black, brown, blue, red growths that just pop up. They are from radiation, ultraviolet radiation stimulates it. You have to be genetically predisposed, however once you get it it can go internally and it can potentially kill you.

"That is why it is so important to detect it early to save your life."

FOX 2 producer Traci Ditchie offered to get a look by Grekin. 

"I am concerned, I've had a lot of burns in the past and I am very lightly complected so there is a concern," she said.

Grekin pointed to freckles on Traci's shoulder, saying that it was indicative of skin that had been burned multiple times. 

"These are not melanoma," he said. "These are called lentigos. They are from the sun and again, it's radiation."

A hand held microscope, a Dermatoscope allows the doctor to see the specific pigment cells to see if it's nothing bad or if God forbid it is, allows us to get a biopsy."

"The interesting thing is you are more diagnostically correct spotting melanoma, about 85 percent, as opposed to 20 percent with the naked eye." 

Grekin recommends to get a full body skin once a year.
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