Stepping inside the Bod Pod for women's health at Henry Ford Hospital

At Henry Ford Hospital's Women's Heart Center, Deena Centofanti is taking us inside the Bod Pod.

The Bod Pod is one of the best methods to measure body fat," said Dr. Dennis Kerrigan. "We will be able to tell how much fat and how much lean body mass you have."

Some of you, of a certain age, will be reminded of the egg ship that brought Mork to earth in the late 1970s on the show Mork and Mindy, staring the late, great Robin Williams.

This Bod Pod has landed in midtown Detroit. Cardiologist Dierdre Mattina believes it will help women arm themselves with heart specifics.

"More accurate than Body Mass Index, this specifically tells you how much fat muscle and bone content you have," she said. "We know that is what specifically raises your risk for cardiovascular risk, the fat content."

Before climbing in, you have to wear a swim cap and form fitting clothes. The idea is to compress any air pockets. Then you climb in for just a couple minutes and using air displacement technology, it measures body composition.

You feel a slight pressure change inside the bod pod, and that's about it.

Kerrigan delivers the results to Deena and she did very well.

Deena's body fat is 25 percent which is good for her age. She was told if she's active she can eat about 2,200 calories a day.

This is part of the lifestyle enhancement visit at the Women's Heart Center.

There is also an exercise test so you can learn what you need to do for your heart health.

The Bod Pod is part of Henry Ford Hospital's new Women's Heart Center, which is in midtown. 

For more information, CLICK HERE.

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