The 21-Day Challenge: How to drink more water

In Health Works, FOX 2 has teamed up with St. John Hospital for the 21-Day Challenge.

And one of the "DO's" of the challenge is to drink water and lots of it.

So how does one tackle that, especially if you don't naturally want to drink a lot of water?

Katie Fehr, community services director, does enjoy Mountain Dew, but is trying to set an example by drinking more water. 

"The hard thing for me has been giving up soda," she says. "I've been drinking soda for 20 plus years. A few cans of Diet Mountain Dew every day. I am trying to replace it with water."

With a hot glue gun and a marker, Katie was able to set marks with times and amounts on the clear sides of the container.

"What I found when I used the stainless steel ones? I wasn't paying attention," she says. "It's a very good visual reminder for me."

It can be overwhelming to think of drinking a lot of water right away.

"I wouldn't try 65 ounces of water on the first day because it's going to be miserable," says Shannon Pearce, R.N. "And you'll be more likely to give up that idea of drinking more water."

What benefits does Katie feel? She said that she craves less sweets and is eating a little less.

One way to jazz up regular water is to throw fresh fruit into the bottle to infuse the flavor.
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