The Doctor Is In: Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

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It seems to happen every holiday.
With all the extra parties, gatherings, drinks and desserts, we start the New Year a little heavier.
But it doesn't have to be that way.

There's still time to take control of our eating habits while enjoying the holidays. Then hopefully, in the New Year we don't have so much extra weight to lose. 

Monday, join Fox 2's Deena Centofanti and  Henry Ford Weight Management specialist Tom Rifai, M.D. as they  discuss weight control and weight loss during the holidays.

Live Blog The Doctor Is In: Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Put it to work now.
See how a few small holiday substitutions can make a big difference.

4 oz shrimp with 2oz cocktail sauce -168 gram weight, 166 calories
4oz of fried cheese sticks with 2oz of marinara sauce- 149 gram weight, 348 calories

4 oz pumpkin pie with 2 tbs. of whipped cream - 140 gram weight, 370 calories
4 oz of cheese cake with 2 tbs. of whipped cream - 140 gram weight, 462 calories**
**pumpkin pie without the crust or whipped cream is 139 calories

6 fluid oz of eggnog with rum - 192 gram weight, 295 calories
6 fluid oz of white wine spritzer - 192 gram weight, 80 calories

Total calories from healthy alternatives is 385 (with pie crust 616)
Total calories from unhealthy alternatives is 1105
Switching to the healthier options will save 720 calories if you omit the pumpkin pie crust and cream

Total weight of the 2 healthier food selections is 308 grams of food
Total weight of the 2 more indulgent food selections is 289 grams of food
(Note: weight of thin beverage calories - like alcohol, sugar soda, juices, creamed coffees- not included because thin beverage calories do not provide any reduction in hunger versus non caloric beverages like water. Eggnog may be mildly filling due to being thick but just 6oz also "costs" 6 grams of saturated fat, 120mg of cholesterol with a majority of calories from sugar and fat…the mild touch of protein likely gives it most of the fullness Eggnog provides)

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