Weight loss winner Shannon sheds more than 100 pounds

Old images of Shannon Trevaskis easily conjure up painful memories.

"I'd wake up in the morning and it would be hard for me to even put feet on the floor; that's how bad they hurt," she says.

Sometimes, she still sees this vision in her mind - but she has a new reality.

At 35 years old, she's making a fresh start. She's lost 112 lbs.

She's 6 feet tall and super athletic, but in her mid-20s her life changed.

"I was just making poor food choices, I think. I wasn't as active as I had been previously; I wasn’t playing softball," she says.

Slowly the weight crept on, reaching almost 300 lbs. And then, suddenly, the pain started.

"Before I knew it, I was having all kinds of health problems and that's really what opened my eyes to where I was," she says. "I was having really bad shooting pains throughout my whole body, just randomly. So, I went to see some neurologists and different doctors. I had headaches all the time. They told me I needed to lose weight."

But how?

Shannon is the chef and manager of a small office cafe. In fact, she has always worked in the restaurant business, and now she had to learn how to eat a whole new way. Eventually, she found her way to Weight Watchers.

"I thought on it for a little while, and I was like, that's it, I just have to do it," she says.

Every food item is assigned a point value, and you track your points and lose weight. Her number one piece of advice for losing weight is to track everything.

"When you're mindlessly eating things, grazing things, you have a lot of snacks that you don't really think about. You eat on the run," she says.

Shannon started tracking, moving and working out. She even inspired her fiancée, Julie, to do the same.

Meal planning started taking top priority, diving up portions of salads, fruits, vegetables and healthy soup.

"I'll make a big pot of this vegetable soup and I put in these proper serving size containers and I pack my fridge full of that every Sunday," she says.

Now, Shannon is a personal trainer, wanting to share her success. She's maintained her goal weight of 175 for one year and is still tracking her points.

While many are impressed by her 100 plus pound weight loss, her teenage son is probably the most proud.

"He calls me beast mom," she says. "I want to be around forever for him."

If you'd like to visit Shannon's BeastMom Bootcamp Facebook Page, you can find it here.

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