How to brand yourself

It's a new year, and is it time for a new you? Mark S. Lee is an expert in branding and joins us in the Job Shop segment to explain how to create a personal brand for companies and people. 
 - Personal Branding is important because it enables you to connect to your clients and potential customers and, if you're in the market, it will help you as interview for various job opportunities
 - Because we tend to think of ourselves as functional or technical experts. Most of us would provide responses such as, I'm good at what I do, I am knowledgeable and a subject matter expert.  However, think more deeply and introspectively. If you were a product or business, think about the reasons why you really would purchase yourself and your related services. 
 - Give serious thought and ask yourself what really makes you different. Because anyone can claim many of those same attributes, possibly making you a commodity when compared to competitors. 
 - So the questions are: What is your personal brand and what makes you, and your business, different compared to others offering similar services?
 - There is a reason why you purchase a product or service. It may be because it represents you, fills a need and provides a service consistent with your expectation. So think about your personal brand in that context. 
 - If you think about it introspectively, understand your vision, mission and how you would like to position yourself in the marketplace to consumers, existing customers and associates. 
 - Your personal brand is your reputation. It's how you are perceived by peers, clients and your competition. A successful personal brand should highlight your strengths and lead to Mark 
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