10-year-old Lions fan gets cheated out of contest before playoff game

As if it didn't hurt enough. The loss to the Cowboys was hard on the Lions and fans everywhere. But for one 10-year-old, there was insult to injury after he lost a game of musical chairs on a do-over to Cowboy fans.

There are no do-overs in sports. The Lions and Cowboys can't go back to the field to before the moment officials called pass interference, moved the ball, and then changed their minds. For one Lions fan, that's what happened to him.

10-year-old Roman is a huge Lions fan. The Amarillo, Texas, boy was surprised with the tickets to the wild card playoff game by his grandmother, according to Amarillo radio station KISS-FM. Sunday, they made the five hour drive to Arlington for the game and even got there early. So early, in fact, that Roman got a chance to participate in a contest outside the stadium.

The game was musical chairs and the prize was a brand new PS4 Madden game. The video starts with three kids left and two chairs. Roman claims one of them. Then there were two people and one chair. The music plays and Roman and the other competitor start making the circle. When it stops, Roman's behind is squarely in the chair.

There are cheers and excitement as the MC walks up to him to congratulate him. That's when the Dallas Cowboy mascot 'unveils' the Matthew Stafford jersey. It's not like Roman was hiding it; you could see it throughout the video as his jacket, which also seems to be Honolulu Blue, is open.

The MC, after seeing the Stafford jersey, calls for another round and pulls out the chair. She then questions the other boy if he's a Cowboys fan. He said yes and the music starts again. Guess who wins?

After giving Roman a hug, the MC said both would receive prizes. According to KISS-FM, The staff gave Roman a Batman DVD and handed the other guy the PS4 Madden game. Roman's family then spoke with the staff. After 10 minutes, they gave Roman a Led Zeppelin CD. 

The family said "It's not about the prizes, it's about how they cheated Roman out because he was a Lions fan."

But it won't end there. The radio station promised FOX 2 they're setting up a GoFundMe for Roman and they want to get him as much PS4 equipment as possible. Check their story here for a link to donate and help out a Lions fan across the country.
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