Fame or Shame? Metro Detroiters put Zoomies to the test

Fox 2's Rob Wolchek puts Zoomies, the hands-free binoculars, to the test.

Fox 2's Rob Wolchek puts Zoomies, the hands-free magnifying glasses, to the test.

The makers of Zoomies sent us this statement:

"Zoomies are hands-free binoculars you wear like sunglasses. In our testing the magnification was proven to provide 400 percent zoomed-in view with the turn of the dial."

Yet Wolchek, along with plenty of other metro-Detroiters, agree the glasses just put you in a blurry state of mind.

So, Fame or Shame? Click on the video player above to watch Wolchek's video report.

For more information on Zoomies, log on to www.buyzoomies.com.

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