Jury duty phone scam could cost you $500

 A new jury duty scam over the phone has people thinking they missed jury duty and must pay a fine.

The next phone call you receive could cost you $500 if you are not careful.

A jury duty scam is targeting innocent people and Wayne County has been a target.

Here's the scam: You get a phone call saying you missed jury duty and there's a $500 fine that must be paid now or you will be arrested.

"The Wayne County Circuit Court would never be calling to advise someone that they missed jury duty and that they had to pay a fine," said Chief Judge Robert Colombo.

The scam did not start in Wayne County.

"This started in Oakland County about six months ago, we hired our general council from Oakland County," said Zenell B. Brown, executive court administrator for Wayne County Circuit Court. "He said he had reports going on out there. 

"Then I looked on the internet and there are places throughout the country where the scam has happened."

If you miss jury duty, you won't get a telephone call, said FOX 2 legal analyst Charlie Langton. You will get a show cause order. 

It will have a date and time where you must tell the judge why you missed jury duty. 

"The court does not call you," Brown said. "The court is waiting for you to call them or they will send you something in the mail."

If you get that call, gather as much information as you can and turn it into police.

If you have any questions in Wayne County, call the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (313) 224-5650 or the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice at (313) 224-2507.

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