West Bloomfield family tied up in house during armed robbery

A community is shocked after a West Bloomfield family was tied up during a home invasion.
A West Bloomfield Township family was tied up during a home invasion by two armed men.

But tonight the suspects are in police custody - a 42-year-old and a 26-year-old and a search warrant was issued in Detroit and stolen items were recovered.

The family's 2013 Chrysler minivan. which was also stolen, was not recovered, police say to expect felony criminal charges to result from the investigation.

They were described as two African-American men with black masks, each with semi-automatic pistols.

A released 911 call detailed the incident.

Operator: "9-11, what's your emergency?"

Homeowner: "We were just a victim of an armed robbery."

Operator: "Do you know who this person was or the suspect was?" 

Homeowner: "No, absolutely not. They taped us up and put the whole family in the bedroom, and then went through the house and took stuff."

"The husband, the wife and the nanny were all tied up in the master bedroom," said Lt.Curt Lawson. "The suspects went upstairs and brought the children down one by one." 

The kids, ages 6 and 4 tied up and a 1-year-old not tied up. 

The neighbors are shocked.  one was too afraid to go on camera but wants to help.

"We are going to have a neighborhood watch going on so we can keep an eye on each other," she said. "It's scary. We don't want this going on in our area."

Neighbor Megan Romaya was also disturbed to hear the news.

"I don't even know how they possibly got in there," Romaya said. "It's kind of scary."

Police tell Fox 2 that there was no forced entry, and that the garage door may have been open. 

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