Delta Air Lines accused of harassing Arab-American passenger


A Delta Air Lines  flight attendant is being accused of targeting and harassing an Arab-American passenger.

Now many in the Arab-American community is demanding action against the airline.

A phone video shows a Delta worker threatening to remove Darlene Hider, her husband and four children off the plane after she was harassed by a passenger, according to the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee. 

"The victim in this case was lucky enough to capture what happened on video," said Fatina Abdrabboh, an attorney for the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee.

It is believed that the Delta worker threatened Hider, saying "You are at my wit's end" and "You better be quiet before I kick you off this plane."

Mobile and tablet users can watch the phone video of the incident HERE.

In a video made for Arabic television, Hider said "We're going to have to deal with racism and people who are just ignorant and it's unfortunate that my children had to experience this."

"The video shows how hatred really knows no bounds," said Abdrabboh.

In a statement Delta said that it "does not condone any form of discrimination and is investigating this claim."

Abdrabboh said that the woman victimized in the video was a highly educated Arab-American Muslim woman. 

"The tragedy really is that the bigot allows fear or ignorance to have framed her understanding of this woman before ever having spoke to her," she said.

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