Facebook page threatens wolf and coyote hunters

 Some posts on the Facebook page threatens physical violence to those listed, making many think the page goes too far.
It's called the Wolf and Coyote Killers Hall of Shame. 

Some posts on the Facebook page threatens physical violence to those listed, making many think the page goes too far.

"He absolutely told me that he put me on his executioner list," Melinda Cronk said. "He (wrote) 'I will murder you as you murdered the wolves.'"

That was just one post on the Facebook page's Hall of Shame.

 Another post about her husband, Dennis, says "Dennis Cronk and Dustin Cunningham: Two sub-humans worthy of a place on the list of People Who Ought To Be Killed."

"Disturbing," Dennis said.

Melinda and Dennis Cronk are wolf and predator trappers. They first became aware of the Facebook page last year when they were actively supporting Michigan's wolf hunting proposal.  

But after Melinda attempted to get the posts removed, they say the posts escalated.

One post read: "(Expletive) you, you disgusting little (expletive). You are a pimple on society's (blank). You'll never amount to anything and I'll post whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, and you can't stop me." 

The person admitting to the Facebook page is Peter Braun, who is in his 20s, lives in Troy. He would not agree to go on camera, but he did talk.

"Believe me if you knew what I knew, how violent these people can be, you don't," Braun said.

FOX 2: "Words that you use, the f-word, saying these people should be killed, comparing them to Isis, isn't that extreme?

"They can be heat of the moment responses," Braun said.

"There's nothing more disturbing than when someone on Facebook makes a threat," Dennis said. "And shows up at your house to make a point."

Braun denied the claim that he went to the Cronks' house.

"That's a lie," he said. "That's a slanderous accusation."

Now Melinda admits going to Braun's house to try to get him to take down the Facebook page but that didn't go well.

"When I stood there on his front porch and he looked right in my eyes," she said. "'(he said) 'You are now on my executioner list. You will be murdered like you murder coyotes.'"

Berkley's Deputy Police Chief Robert North says he is actively investigating this complaint. 

The law does not allow anything to be posted on Facebook. It could cross the line and be considered a crime.

"If they take it the wrong way, that's not my fault but I do apologize," Braun said. "What some of these people can do isn't much different than what Isis does."

Braun said that Facebook did suspend him for 30 days meaning he could not post. Now he's apologizing. 

Not everyone thinks Braun's behavior was acceptable.

"Yes Peter Braun, you can say you don't like hunting and trapping, but you can't threaten my family," Melinda said. "You can't threaten to kill my children, you can't threaten to kill my husband. 

"That's not okay with me."

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