Mother gives birth at work, dead baby found in bag

 Workers at a Redford business made a gruesome discovery when a dead baby was found.

A woman no one knew was pregnant, gives birth at work and then tries to hide her dead baby.

Redford police are investigating to find out if the mother is the one responsible for the baby's death. 

The newborn baby was found dead in the mother's bag under her desk in the cubicle and police are working to find out if the baby had been born alive.

The discovery was made at about 10 a.m. Tuesday morning at Ceva Logistics on Glendale. 

It started when employees who declined to go on camera, told FOX 2 they heard moaning coming from the women's restroom.

A few people finally checked and discovered blood all over the bathroom stall. But no one knew why.

They rushed back to the office to find out if everyone was okay. Only one woman  at first didn't answer, a 26-year-old from Wyandotte. No one knew had been pregnant.

Redford police were called and discovered the young woman, who did have blood on her, had returned to her cubicle. 

She had attempted to resume her workday, but there was no sign of a baby until they checked the Ceva employee's bag, which was tucked under her cubicle desk.

Inside was the deceased infant, later officially pronounced dead at the hospital.

The mother, who is now under investigation, is recovering at the hospital.

FOX 2 is told that Ceva Logistics -  which transports products for companies worldwide including the Big Three, informed their 150-plus employees and offered grief counseling.

But at this point, the logistics director says the company isn't ready to comment.

 "All I can say is it is under investigation," said Ken L'Heureux. "We were asked not to say anything, until the investigation is over."

FOX 2 was told the autopsy was performed Wednesday but the results are still pending. Investigators say more information is needed to determine if the baby was born alive or if the death was a potential homicide.

The family of the 26-year-old Wyandotte woman declined comment. 

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