21-Day Challenge tips for Easter

In Health Works, Deena Centofanti talks to a health expert who advises how to enjoy Easter, without going too far.
In Health Works, we're about to embark on an Easter weekend that for many, is filled with treats.

FOX 2 has teamed up with St. John Providence Health System for a 21-Day Challenge that says we're not supposed to be eating high calorie, high sugar high fat foods. 

So how do we handle the holiday? 

"Easter is a special celebration and a feast day so i'm probably going to include some extra calories so what do I do,"

Be realistic, says Shannon Pearce a nurse and health coach at St. John Providence and really think about what you put on your plate.

If you're not a fan of ham don't take the obligatory serving choose your favorite foods and enjoy those more.  

Whether it's sweet or savory, whatever tempts you, here's a simple strategy think of the acronym STOP

The S  is for slow down. 

"Really savor and enjoy the food," said Pearce. "No guilt, this is why I'm eating."  

The T stands for thankfulness. 

"Give thanks, look around, what's happening in that room," she said. 

And the O tells you to observe others and yourself. 

"Observe that's an important one," Pearce said. "Am I hunched over, am I eating too fast." 

And P take a minute and pause.

"You pause and you realize am I pleasantly satisfied versus feeling over-stuffed and feeling too full," Pearce said.

If you do over indulge, look at is as not a failure but,  a learning experience. Look at who you were with, what you were feeling, and what the circumstances were, and learn from it. 

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