A big no for Club Glo

It's neighbors versus a nightclub. Those who live nearby say the bar is nothing but a nuisance in the neighborhood. But Club Glo asked city leaders for another chance. 

City Council council Monday night voted to tell the State Liquor Control Commission to not renew Club Glo's liquor license. The lawyer representing the club begged for more time to right the wrongs, but almost everyone in the council chambers agreed, the club has had more than enough time to clean up it's act.

"I love the area I live in and right now, to be honest with you, I don't feel safe because of Glo, they need to go," said Mina Baby. 

Ferndale City Council got an earful from ticked off residents. Their beef: Club Glo, the nuisance nightclub next door.

"My children, I try to refrain from having them go outside and play because of the liquor bottles, the used condom that was found by my daughter, the broken glass," said Brian Baby.

"This is not going to get better, it's going to get worse." 

On the agenda Monday night, an objection to it's liquor license renewal because of non-compliance. The problems started when the club opened in November, then came the noise, trash, and drunk club goers.

"We were threatened Tuesday night by patrons verbally, our home was threatened, we were physically threatened as well." 

It all came to a head last week when two unlucky patrons were stabbed on St. Patrick's Day; another was knocked upside the head with a bottle.

"We did locate a blood trail near the exterior of the building, little question in mind that it happened inside the building."

"The last time I checked, the police officer saying I've come to my conclusion and tried to put the evidence into it, usually comes up on the wrong side of it," said Attorney Todd Flood.

Todd Flood represents the club's owners.

"He turned a deaf ear to the fact that the guy, (one of the victims), tried to bribe or extort the owner by $200,000 the next day," said Attorney Todd Flood. "C'mon there's an agenda all the way around."

And he says that includes the backlash against Club Glo.

"I would highly suggest that these business owners find a new city or a new type of business because these residents are ready to run you out of town with pitch forks and torches," said Ferndale Council Member Greg Pawlica.

"The clientele is primarily black, it's 90 percent, but I didn't want to get into race, but when I heard the pitchforks and blow torches, that kinda blew me away," said Flood.

"Has nothing to do with ethnicity," said Phil Elam. Nothing? "Nothing the bottom line is safety. Like I said, I'm a black American male, grew up in Detroit, and my partner and I actually had to put pylons in our driveway to prevent people from turning into our driveway and parking in our driveway."

When it was all said and done, the vote was a no brainer for city council.

But here's the catch. Club Glo is operating on a temporary liquor license that expires in September, so this place will remain open until then. The city is trying to figure out what it can do to quell drama until then.
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