Angela Alexie charged with murder for leaving baby in recycling bin

 The 24-year-old woman accused of dumping her newborn baby in a recylcing bin was led into an Eastpointe 38th District Court Wednesday.

Angela Alexie was charged with murder and child abuse, both life felonies. She is being held on a $1 million bond. 

Police say she had been staying at a house on Gascony  with some friends nearby when she gave birth to a baby boy born in a garage, who would later be thrown away.

Investigators say Alexie confessed to giving birth to the child on Dec. 22.

"The baby stayed alive for several days in the garage, as she went into the house and back into the garage," said Det. Brad McKenzie, of the Roseville police. "Checking on the baby every few hours. The baby finally passed away on the 24th of December, 

She told police she hid the dead baby in the garage until he was eventually placed in a recycling bin that was picked up on Jan. 13. The next day workers at the ReCommunity recycling facility in Roseville - discovered the baby - frozen and wrapped in a black t-shirt.

"May I have your full name," asked the judge.

"Angela Marie Alexie," she said.

She told the judge she's homeless, never had a job and doesn't know how she pays her bills. Police say because of intense media attention after the discovery of the infant - tips came in about Alexie.

"She told some people she had a miscarriage," Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said. "Some other people she told she had the child but gave it up. Just lots of inconsistencies."

Berlin says Alexie also has other children ages four, three and one, which are not in her care - despite her claim on Facebook that she's a full-time mother.

"We were like - somebody's got to help these kids, somebody's got to do something," said Amber Clark, a former neighbor. "Child Protective Services has got to get involved."

Clark lived next door to Alexie at another location. Alexie had delivered one of her other children on her own there and Clark had seen her other children improperly dressed running around in the cold and snow.

Clark said she also recalls a lot of shady traffic in and out of Alexie's house.

"I was calling the police and I was just trying to tell them that this deserves investigating," Clark said. "Whether it's drugs or prostitution,  whatever it is, something's not right." 

Clark says another neighbor also called police after Alexie left her chidren unattended in the home.

"Police actually showed up at that point," Clark said. "The daughter of the neighbor called police. When they showed up, they had ventilators on and they removed the kids. 

"They needed the ventilators to go in the house."

Those children were then removed from her care. As for this last baby, everyone wishes someone could have saved him.

"Imagining what this poor baby had to go through before it drew his last breath," Clark said. "That breaks my heart."

"This baby must have suffered greatly over that very short time period," Berlin said.

The baby's body remains with the Macomb County Medical Examiner. A local funeral parlor and a cemetery have stepped forward to give the baby a proper burial. 

Alexie said nothing in court about a motive why she allegedly did what she did, to the baby. 

Berlin said police do not know who the father is and added that Alexie may not know who the father is, either. 
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