The Hunt: Meet The Hunters

In the first episode of "The Hunt," we introduce you to the three people we are following on their epic journey for employment. 

Miranda, a recent college graduate with a passion for a career in forensics.  She also has a special place in her heart for arson investigations and is thrilled by the thought of searching through a burning crime scene.

Michelle, a housewife, mother and grandmother who was a recent victim for a firebombing at her home.  She tries to balance family with her occasional odd jobs such as tax preparation and selling hair, hoping to lead to her ultimate goal of running her own group home for people down-on-their-luck and who have been on the other side of the law.

Lamarr, a man with a past felony conviction which has been an impediment in both getting a job and keeping a job.  He is basically homeless, living off of the kindness of others while dealing with the depression of not being able to properly provide for his teenage daughter.

So, the hunt begins.

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