Arsenal of weapons found in car were Airsoft, pellet guns

At first glance a collection of guns looks like the real thing. But police say they are really high powered pellet guns or Airsoft weapons. 

The question White Lake Township police are trying to answer is, what was a 22-year-old man from Pontiac doing with guns, knives, a hockey mask, handcuffs and a SWAT team vest in his car.

The car was found by police parked in a White Lake Walmart parking lot around 6 a.m. Sunday. 

"(The officer) wasn't sure if he was sleeping or if he was in some sort of distress," said Sgt. Matthew Ivory, White Lake police. "It was cold out, so he pulled over to check on him."

As police checked to make sure he's okay, the officer notices two of the guns on the floorboard.

"The officer then called for back up, but kept the guy calm and quiet," Ivory said.

Police say they were given permission to search the rest of the car, finding the items pictured.

"The assault rifle one had the orange tip rubbed off," Ivory said.

While the handcuffs, the hockey mask, and vest raise red flags, they are not illegal. The same can't be said for the rest of the items.

"We are one of four states where carrying an Airsoft gun is considered a firearm under state law," Ivory said. "There is no differential between an Airsoft gun or a gun-powdered style firearms."

Because police say this man didn't have a permit to carry concealed weapons he's breaking the law.  Even the knife found in the car was illegal.

"Switchblade style automatic opening knifes where the push of one button would open the knife and lock it into place are considered illegal," Ivory said.

While they are working to figure out what the man was intending to do with this cargo, Ivory says they are happy they made this discovery when they did.

"This one worked out the best way it possibly could," Ivory said. "Hopefully the next one works out the same way."

While the evidence collected in the Walmart parking lot was taken by police, the 22-year-old man from Pontiac was released. 

The case will soon be handed over to prosecutors to decide what if any charges he may face. 
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