Attorneys upset by assistant prosecutor's Facebook comments on Baltimore riot

A Facebook post by an assistant Wayne County prosecutor ignited a heated reaction.

Social media has been buzzing with millions of people offering opinion of the powder keg on the streets in Baltimore.  

One particular post on Facebook is creating controversy of it's own. 

Teana Walsh is an attorney in the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. Her personal Facebook page had this post.

"So I am watching the news in Baltimore and see large swarms of people throwing bricks, etc at police who are fleeing from their assaults ... 15 in the hospital already. Solution. Simple. Shoot em. Period. End of discussion. I don't care what causes the protestors to turn violent...what the 'they did it because' reason way is this acceptable. Flipping disgusting."

The post was eventually taken down. But not before Detroit defense attorney Cliff Woodards saw it. His reaction?

"I was appalled," he said. "I was stunned, I was shocked, I was outraged."

Woodards said he was moved to the point of writing his own Facebook response to the post on Teana Walsh's page.

"What I said about it  was that a prosecutor is a member of the law enforcement community," he said. "You can't decide that you are going to execute the law in judgement without due process. 

Walsh is currently on maternity leave. FOX 2 received this statement from the office of the Wayne County prosecutor:

"APA Teana Walsh is known for her great work ethic and her compassion for victims of crime and their families. Her post was up on line briefly and she immediately took it down. 

The post was completely out of character for her and certainly does not reflect the person that we know."

Defense attorney Lillian Diallo said the Facebook posting surprised her.

"It's very disappointing," she said. "This is a person sworn to uphold the law - as we all are. We just fall on different sides, prosecutor, defense. And to put something out there so incendiary that so disrespects the community in which you serve, and the people you serve. It's repugnant.

"Not all the people in Baltimore are doing that. There are professionals there, that are peaceful. 

"However, you have the response to their frustration of throwing bricks to shoot and kill them."

FOX 2 tried to reach Walsh but did not hear back by deadline.

No mention of discipline for Walsh was given by the prosecutor's office. 
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