Battery charger causes bullet to explode, wounding gun owner

An Oakland Township man wakes up from a nap and realized he was shot - but there was no suspect.

Practicing with a firearm should only be done in a controlled environment - and one 21-year-old local man found out the same rule applies to handling your ammunition.

The man set his ammunition down near a rechargeable battery then told police he dozed off. He woke to find small shrapnel in his leg.

The live rounds had heated and exploded. He will recover from the wounds but it serves as a warning.

"You don't want anyone else to have access to that ammunition and you want to keep it in a dry place," said Bill Kucyk of Action Impact Firearms and Training Center in Southfield. "You don't want to keep it anywhere the temperature could exceed 300 degrees."

Kucyk is a former Oakland County deputy.

"You would have to assume that this battery charger threw off that kind of temperature," he said. "I am pretty skeptical on this, that would be a pretty high temperature from a battery charger."

The man had been loading and unloading ammunition into his new magazine to loosen up the springs.

Kucyk recommends snap caps look like bullets but won't fire.  

"They do not fire, they do not make any noise but they are the same size as real ammunition," he said. "If you are going to practice loading and unloading your gun, or you feel the need to load your magazine for the spring integrity use snap caps. It will serve the purpose and keep everybody safe."

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