Coalition for the future of DPS releases recommendations for fixing the district

The Coalition for the Future of Detroit School children met Monday to present proposals hoping to fix the Detroit Public Schools.

There was plenty of push back before the proposals were even heard.

Protestors stormed the coalitions presentation without hearing much, let alone any of the group's ideas.

Parents want safe schools, they want quality schools, and they want to get their kids there.

DPS Emergency Manager Darnell Early says, "these are sweeping changes and we want to go about it the right way to make sure that we don't throw the baby out with the bath water, but by the same token we want to be able to draw a bath to put the baby in so we have a better system at the end of the day."

The coalition wants the school board back in power. It also wants the state to assume the district's debt to the tune of $250 million.

We asked Senator Bert Johnson if that would get the green light in Lansing? "The governor said today that he's going to get connected to this and try to digest it, if we're serious and mature about this, yes it can be done," Johnson said. 

But how about transitioning EAA schools back to DPS? Or passing state laws to keep charter schools honest and transparent? Those are on the coalition's wishlist too. The coalition also wants a mayor appointed group to oversee the opening and closing of every new school in the Detroit.

Reverend Wendell Anthony says, "anybody can open a charter school and that's wrong. You have too many cases where there are communities with too many schools and communities with not enough schools. Everybody has to dance to the tune of the Detroit Education Commission."

But Detroit Teachers Union President Steve Conn calls it a con. "If you get a school board elected but they get to still close the schools whenever they want and open them under whoever they want, then the elected school board is powerless."
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