Complaints about rats at neighborhood go kart track

"These are my go karts and stuff. I basically built all these myself," said Dan Davis.

Dan Davis says who needs the suburbs? If kids want free go kart action, look no further than Detroit's west side.

"Every Sunday we have races. I mean it be everybody in the neighborhood, we be barbecuing and stuff, we have the movie screen going," said Davis. 

But for all the fun, some neighbors say they only see rats.

Davis asks "What the rats are going to live in tires?"

Apparently, yes. An anonymous neighbor called Fox 2 complaining about the go kart course Dan made from hundreds of tires, saying people who use it won't remove it and neighbors are left with rats and other pests. Dan says the only reason there's a problem is because his block is no longer a dump.

Davis said "I don't keep letting no garbage be out here or nothing like that."

So they're basically complaining because you cleaned the place up? 

"That's what it must be," Davis said. "I mean when the grass is deep that's when you had the rats because they can build their dens in the grass and now you don't have no grass to build dens in."

The go kart course spans several vacant lots and is just one of Dan's creations.

"I usually have a movie projector screen right over here that we watch movies on," Davis said.

He built a play area on a vacant lot next door to his house. He has a pair of basketball hoops for three-on-three tournaments and cleans up his block daily.

"I have a motto, if you pick up 30 pieces of trash a day you won't have no trash on your block," said Davis.

His efforts, now years in the making, were documented in the Detroit Free Press.

"They complain when the grass is tall but how are you going to complain when the grass is good and everything is looking good and we making it better for the neighborhood?" Davis asks. "This is not something we're just doing for ourself, we're doing it for the neighborhood."

And most neighbors we spoke with, love it.

"He takes care of this on his own time, his own money and he do it for the community," said neighbor Darryl Grier.

"I see him everyday cleaning up, raking, picking up all the garbage, making sure people got their garbage out on garbage day," said neighbor Calvin Brown.

"I don't see no rats and I be out here."

We spoke with one neighbor who did not want to be identified on camera who believes there are in fact rats in those tires, but the bigger problem is all of the abandoned houses, not just on this block, but in this neighborhood.

But these tires can be removed faster than these houses can be torn down. Even so, Dan says he's not budging and neighbors who have a problem with it had better get used to it.

"I am not going to stop. You say it's going to be rats in this neighborhood, it's no rats because, before I did all this, I seen the rats and they was big rats," said Davis.
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