Court testimony reveals 'switch' used on Charlie Bothuell and moment he was found

A father and stepmother charged with torturing and abusing their son kept  in their basement and then reporting him missing were back in court Wednesday.

New allegations surfaced in court involving 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell, found in the basement of his father Charles Bothuell IV and his wife Monique Dillard-Bothuell.

A PVC pipe wrapped in brown paper was presented as evidence in court to one of the officers. The so-called 'switch' was reportedly found in Charles Bothuell's home by the officer. 

The undercover officer with the Violent Crimes Taskforce said the pipe was allegedly used to discipline Charlie.

"This is the pvc pipe that was behind the door in Charlie's bedroom," the undercover officer testified.

The officer testified that on June 19, while investigating Charlie's disappearance, they asked his stepmother about potential abuse.

"She went on to say that Charlie's father tends to sit little Charlie down and lecture him for hours at a time," the officer said. "I then asked her if she'd ever seen him physically discipline Charlie. She answered my question with 'yes' and I asked 'How was charlie physically disciplined?' She said that Mr. bothuell would 'pull his pants down, bend him over a couch and proceed to whoop him'.

"I asked her how that would take place, she said that he would use a switch. I asked her to describe the switch to me, she then went on to describe a PVC pipe."

That pipe, the officer said, was the one presented in court Wednesday. That officer also testified she was back at the bothuell residence a few days later when they executed a search warrant and made an amazing discovery: Little Charlie in the basement, alive. 

The officer said she was at the home on June 25 when she was called inside it. Investigators were executing a search warrant and the undercover officer said she was there when her fellow officers found him.

 "Little Charlie was coming from the basement he was at the top of steps," the officer testified.

 "He was afraid to come all the way up the steps. He stopped at the top of the steps he wouldn't come all the way out," she said. "I ran over and I gave him a hug."

The officer testified she sat down down on the couch with Charlie and asked him where he'd been. She told him they'd been looking for him for a long time. 

The officer said he was cold and shivering so they let him get more clothes. He also said he was hungry and they took him to McDonald's and then to the hospital.

The undercover officer will continue testimony on Thursday. A second officer and little Charlie have not yet taken the stand.
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