Despite raise, McDonald's workers protest for $15 per hour

Some workers at McDonald's will soon get a raise - but not to the $15 many want.

The fast-food giant announced it will paying $1 more than minimum wage starting July 1 and could be over $10 an hour.

Local workers say it's still not enough,  they plan to keeping fighting for better paychecks.

Protesters gathered outside a Six Mile and Livernois McDonald's location Thursday chanting for $15 an hour.

The raises are coming to those working at company-owned McDonald's employee, which makes up about 10 percent of all employees. 

"The reason we want $15 is because we have a family and it's not enough," said Chris Drumdom, a protester. "We can't live off $8.15."

Michigan's minimum wage is $8.15. 

"I'm making hamburgers, I'm cleaning, I'm dealing with so many rude customers - something the manager is not doing," said Lawanda Williamson, a protester.

Management is offering other incentives like free high school completion and college tuition assistance. Full- and part-time workers at company-owned locations can start to accrue personal paid time-off.

"They can't even pay phone bills, house notes, car notes," said Pastor W.J. Rideout, a protest coordinator.

FOX 2: "Why can't they get another job and don't go to McDonald's?"

"They ought to provide them with more money," Rideout said.

In a statement, McDonald's spoke about the extra benefits provided but did not talk about the protest:

"We believe this initial step only benefits our employees, it will improve the McDonald's restaurant experience."

"If they don't give us $15 an hour," Rideout said. "We will come after them on April 15."

April 15, or 4-15-15 an hour, has been set for scheduled for protests across the nation and internationally.
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