Detroit City Council vacancy: Who nominated who - and why

The search continues to find someone to fill the vacant seat on the Detroit City Council.

FOX 2's M.L. Elrick discovered that some of the candidates have checkered backgrounds and red flags galore. 

Now the question becomes which current council members submitted the candidates for consideration. Some chose to talk and others - not so much.

Beth Grossman recruits executives and is a career coach, who took a look at the application to fill a council vacancy. She also says she is not impressed with the efforts that council made to check the backgrounds of the current applicants.

FOX 2: "How common is it that someone would perform a background check to fill a key position?"

"Very very common," she said. "Particularly in higher levels of responsibility."

FOX 2 has taken a close look at the 17 candidates for the open seat and has found five with significant issues.

-David Bullock, 37, who does not often vote and has not paid parking tickets in the past, nominated by councilwoman Mary Sheffield.

-Paula Humphries, 59, a former judge with financial problems, nominated by councilman George Cushingberry.

-Fred Durhal, Jr., 61, has also had financial problems, nominated by councilman George Cushingberry.

-David Nathan, 42, also has had financial problems, nominated by councilmen George Cushingberry and Gabe Leland.

-Dustin Campbell, 35, he went to jail after trying to run down someone with his car, nominated by councilman James Tate.

Grossman said that more updated applications would include questions regarding felonies, bankruptcies and foreclosures.

"They will ask have you had a drunk driving felony, misdemeanor, could be a question on the background check," she said. "It could be if you've had bankruptcy."

City council members had 137 applicants to choose from and could nominate up to three for interviews.

Elrick decided to ask the council members about why these candidates stood out.

The exception was councilman James Tate who agreed to speak right away.

"How do you feel about Mr. Campbell in light of the information we've brought forward," Elrick said.

"I wish I would have known, I told him that," Tate said. "I had an opportunity to see him during the campaign trail and he had some pretty good ideas. So I thought just from that brief interaction that I've had with him over a period of time, that he's a good guy and worthy of going on to the next level."

Cushingberry, Sheffield and Leland did not respond to requests for explanation, so Elrick decided to look for connections between the candidates and council members who nominated them.

When it comes to ministers - Sheffield and Bullock.

Former state representatives - Leland and Nathan. Other former state reps include Cushingberry, Durhal and Nathan. 

Lawyers - Cushingberry and Humphries.

Bad debt - Cushingberry, Durhal and Nathan.

Foreclosure - Cushingberry, Humphries, Durhal, Nathan.

Bankruptcies - Cushingberry, Humphries, Durhal, Nathan.

Are these the reasons these candidates were nominated? 

Nobody knows, but since the most of the council is not talking, we can only guess,

Elrick asked Tate if Campbell gets his vote at this point.

"Right now I don't like to tell people what I am going to do before I do it," Tate said. "I wish I would have known that information before I nominated him. 

Elrick: "So you still may vote for him?"

"I wish I would have known that information before I nominated him," Tate said. "He's in the nomination process and I wish I would have known that information before I nominated him."
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